Just bought a new tak. 2010 model and it had D'adarrio strings on it--don't particularly like them and just installed Laurence Juber GHS Signature Bronze true meds.-imo they bring out a better sound. Anyone out there with a Tak experience anything like this??? in the meantime i used a set of these strings on a Taylor and never got the same result-more flatter then anything else. What brand/gauge/ of strings work best for most of you 'Takkers?'
I'm really looking forward to getting a thicker gauge set on my tak, it sounds 1000 times better with 11's on than my old guitar did with 13's on, pretty impressive.
Yes all takis i have bought have come with D'adarrio. I have tried many different brands and settled on Elixir's 11s Nanoweb for my giging guitar. They of course don't have quite as much volume as 12s unplugged but very sweet through amp. There's a really good sticky here on strings go have a read. Cheers