I thought it was really good, but that's just me. Also the guitar looks like it's on a weird angle, it doesn't look comfortable. I love this song. It reminds me of 7th grade because the teacher would always play this song during MPP.
Thanks man, and yeah my legs are on a downward angle, and the guitar was slipping on my pants thats why the guitar was angled kinda awkwardly. Thanks again!
That was great man. If you really like the song, you should take a listen to the live version played at the Pulse gig. Look it up, the solo is way better than the studio version.

I'll be covering it myself in a few months when Roger Waters comes to my country to do 8 shows. It'll be a motivation And I have tickets for one of course.

Thanks man, and I agree with you it's loads more better. But, I'm not as solid with the pulse version to the point of putting it up on the interwebz. And about you getting those tickets, man that's great I gotta say I'm pretty fuc*in jealous . Anyways thanks for the comment!
i like the tone. The only thing i have to say is that it seems like you don't sync up with the pulse (no pun intended) It sounds rushed to me

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The guitar playing looked good, but I could hardly hear the sound from your amp. I wasn't sure what was the recording and what was your part. So for next time, try louder or better mic placement. I would just record your line in directly to your pc, then mix the cd track in using audacity or something.
yeah I know but it took me various takes and i was just getting frustrated so once i got a decent vid I uploaded it. But yeah I'll try doing what you said next time too. Thanks
hey man,

thanks for the crit on my cover, really appreciate it

Your playing was very very smooth, kudos on that. All I can say is next time turn the guitar volume up

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yeah I know I'll be sure to make sure my guitar is turned up. Thanks for the comment!
The tone was nice and it was well balanced. Although at times, as other people pointed out, it does go out of sync with the song. Just don't rush, take it slow and maybe play with a backing track not just the song.

But it was a good attempt mate
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Thanks man and I'll be on the lookout for some good backing track websites. Thanks!