this is pretty ridiculous but it was a hell of a lot of fun to make. i used to love this movie when i was like 9 or 10, and i've always liked the music from it too. I learned this song and did a metal guitar arrangement of it, and i think the end result is pretty good.


Let me know if you like it!

(FYI: the "rocking out" type stuff was just to be goofy, I normally don't do that when i play guitar )
BAHAHAHA, love teh faces and shit man and a very good arrangement. So tasty.
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thanks guys! glad you enjoyed it!

btw if anyone's interested in what i used to record it, i wrote out all the brass/string/drum parts in Guitar Pro then messed with the soundfonts in Garageband to make them sound semi-real. the guitar and bass were recorded with a Line 6 UX1/Pod Farm since i'm too lazy to get a good speaker cab and microphone at the moment :p
Left you a message at Youtube and liked it.

Hey, my friends and I, formed a band, 3 months ago, and we recorded our first cover,
Would you be so kind to check the video and leave a comment at YouTube?

Manhattan - Paranoid

Thanks for your time!!

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