Hey everyone. We're A Haunted Mantra, a melodic death metal band from Charlotte, NC. We've got a couple of new tracks out on our Origins EP, and we'd love if you could check out this one. As you can tell, we're heavily influenced by the Gothenberg metal scene from the 90s, but we've tried to put our own brutal twist on things. We love your feedback so please post your thoughts. Hope you enjoy!


Check out our other songs here:

I can definitely see the Gothenburg influence on this. The chord progressions are a little predictable, but it's nice. One of the riffs really reminds me of Dialogue with the Stars, or something similar from In Flames' catalog, actually

Production does seem a little muddy but that can be worked out in the future.

I do like it, actually. It really reminds me of all the metal I used to listen to. But I think this thread would be better suited for the Promote Your Bands forum.
Thanks for the feedback jetfuel, we'll keep it in mind as we go forward. I did post an ad for our band in the Promote Your Bands forum, but I also wanted to get some songs out there for individual feedback.
Nice melodies, like the intro, bad production, but not too bad. It's at least better than most of the stuff you get on these forums. The song as a whole is real nice, you manage to get a brutal sound while still keeping that good feeling of melodic-ness, and while having simple but awesome and catchy riffs. Like the vocals also. Very good stuff here, good job dudes