I have a trem claw issue on a bullet strat, surprise surprise. One hole is drilled higher than the other. Moreover the lower hole goes right through the pup routing. The trem claw is off center and on an angle. Is it worth re drilling? If I have to re-drill, what height should I drill the holes? I was thinking putting the trem claw flush to the back and drill from there, trying to keep the claw centered. Oh for sure fill the old holes before hand. Should I even worry about it? Here's some pictures.

Swaping out parts on this as well. This mod is becoming more of a pain than fun. Never get a squire. You'll gamble on the quality.

My paint question is, if I paint it with flat black and use clear lacquer. Will it turn out shinny still? Trying to get that ibanez flat black look.

Far as the screws go in

That's just nasty. Sorry that the 5 year old Chinese kids didn't take some time to make your life a bit easier.


Honestly, you just need some wood filler and then I'd re-drill halfway down. The Lacquer should do the trick, but getting metallic paint would obviously be better.

Good luck.
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