Hi guys! How're you doin'?

Okay so, here's the scoop.
I'm a bass player, but I love music and want to branch out. I purchased an Epiphone SG G-400 and received a Line 6 Spider-IV 75w for christmas.
I like the spider, but the SG just didn't feel right for me.

I want a guitar that can play rock, blues, and also metal.
James Hetfield kind of embodies what I want out of a guitar.
Not really looking to shred yet. I figure once I get to that point, I'll get a Jackson Dinky.


There's a good few Epiphone Korina Explorers in my area, and I really like those. It's just hard for me to test out guitars since I can't play much past power chords and your basic A, D, G, C, E, etc.

I figured before I shelled out money, I'd ask around and see if there's anything else in the $400 price range that would be a better fit.

Thanks, everyone who reads and replies!
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What didn't you like about the g400?
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Jackson Dinky is a pretty good starter guitar, even if you're not "ready to shred" it's probably good to pick one up now if you know you'll get one. It's really different from an explorer, so you'll be used to your guitar.

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The SG...the tone didn't feel right. It just felt like the wrong instrument to have. I play a Goth Thunderbird bass (picked). Playing the SG was like playing a Sting Ray bass with a pick. Just felt wrong.

And I see. This is true. I'm really confused what model that Jackson was. I'm pretty sure it was a dinky, but I don't really know for certain because I can't find the model online. It was new, with a very pretty wood color, $399.99 at guitar center, and it didn't have a floyd rose.

I definitely liked it, though. The guy who played it before me was really good, and I liked how it sounded. Perhaps a better fit. And it could get away from metal enough to be considered pretty versatile in my mind.