Hi everyone,

I need help finding one of the missing piece to complete the type of sound my band is going for. I won't lie I'm kinda of a noob when it comes to mic set ups but I'm looking for a pedal or type of effects box that can do effects on a mic such as chorus reverb and automatic harmonies and whatever can sound really trippy and dreamy. I'm looking to spend around 150-200$ on it but I would be willing to go a bit over budget if it meant a notable difference in quality and got me something that i wouldn't have to change going into a big venue. Another thing is that my sound system at home is currently running on some shitty speakers, will their lack of quality have a big impact on the quality of the sound generated through the pedal? If so should I get some speakers and what kind?

Any recommendations which pedal I should look at or any companies?

Thank you
Buy a talkbox. they're ****ing awesome.
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