I need a good full band practice amp, preferably a head. I'm not really worried so much about tone as I am volume. Does anybody know of any smaller heads, tube or solid state, that I could get for relatively cheap? Thanks!
Mid-gain, about as much distortion as early Dream Theater.
I don't want to spend more that 250.
Used is great.
Closest city is Indianapolis.
Will be playing through an Ibanez RG 7 string.

Are we satisfied?
Used Peavey Bandit 80 watts, wouldn't be a bad idea. As far as heads go, guitar center.com's used section has a great selection for under 150 bucks.
or a peavey windsor or a classic 50
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The jet city head would be perfect for you.

I got the combo for $220 shipped about a year ago, these amps are a steal.