Wow.look like a nice guitar dude!..how much is its 'reasonable price'?
haha btw,just make a research about how tune the wilkinson.If im not mistaken,wikinson can be made floating too,which is fun to meBut be caution with the nut and the machine heads as it may also contribute to how well the wilkinson tuning stability..
Humbly,giving my opinion... )
Cort makes good instruments. It's a shame they aren't as well-known a brand name as for example Ibanez or Gibson, so resale value won't be high. They do last you well into your musical life though, to the point where a friend of mine refuses to sell his because of the sentimental value.
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Weell, after converting the price, its about $662..
@Psi, good to know their of lasting build quality. Thanks!