Ive been looking around for some new pickups for my Jackson RR3 and get rid of the stock ones. I really havent tried actives yet but Ive herd alot of good things but Ive definantly herd way more bad things about them. So id prefer to go with passives. I play thrash metal and Light Death Metal (Autopsy, Carcass, Death (Chuck Schuldiner FTW)). Ive been looking into a Seymore Duncan Invader in the Bridge with a DiMarzio D-Activator in the neck? Thoughts? Please refrain from all the "EMGS ARE TEH BEST AN U SUX CUZ U NO RIKE DEM" posts
I don't know if you know about GFS pickups, but you can get 2 for the price of 1 SD.

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those Duncan Invaders are nortorious for being a muddy mess. even for metal, there are much better pickups.

For the bridge: Dimarzio Super distortion, dimarzio Super 2, dimarzio Super 3, dimarzio Steve's Special, dimarzio Crunchlab, dimarzio d-activators, Seymour Duncan Distortion, Duncan Custom 5.

but above all, check out Bareknuckle Pickups those things are full of win. Aftermath, Painkiller, Miracle Man models would be good for ya