yeah we've been working on a new piece, we call it "buried in the sand". Not finished at the moment (synths still need work, want to mess with transitions and such after breakdown) but you get the general idea. I guess I was going for a children of bodom-ish sound? Let me know what you guys think, C4C of course!
Buried In The Sand.gp4
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:-O wow. That was awesome! I would really LOVE to hear a record of it.. will the bass stay that small in there? Or was it WIP too?
Haha no, the complete song will have bass throughout as well as lyrics (some growled, some sung melodically). I just feel like the majority of the song structure is in place and I wanted to get some feedback as to how everything sounds at this point
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ah okay...
So will you record the song with the band?

I really really love the riff :P
yeah we would like to get this song, as well as maybe 3 or 4 others professionally recorded and produced someday! we gotta finish writing it first....i think its close to being done but we shall see

ps the riff at measure 41 makes me think of tetris
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haha my thoughts went to some desert style level of super mario :P
Nice intro riff, will sound pretty heavy when recorded. Cool headbanging rhythm \m/
Nicely structured, the song flows well, all the parts complement each other nicely.
Breakdown is ok, not a massive fan of too many in general, but this isn't too bad. It's certainly good to have a part with a different feel/ rhythm to the rest of the song. I generally prefer to do that with a quieter bit or a guitar solo or something like that, but of course it's a matter of personal preference.
You seem to have set all the synth volumes low for some reason but the keyboard parts are nice so make sure we can actually hear them properly when you record & mix it :p
I'm guessing the 'melodic' section will have clean vocals over it? Should sound good.
Anyway, I really like it, good work.

It was nice. I liked the chorus and that tone cluster in bar 17. Some vocals would definitely add to it once you get around to it.
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Returning crit now:

Riff A: This riff is fine but it's fairly generic. If it were up to me, the Keys would play at the start of this section, thena t bar 10, I would add a counter melody, perhaps with a French Horn or Trumpet because they are very powerful instruments.

Verse: I enjoyed the 'Horror' style strings here, reminded me of Beyond Twilight and Adagio. I recommend you check them out as they are both a great source of inspiration.

Chorus: Nothing special, sounds like a standard Scar Symmetry type chorus which sounds incredibly tired if you ask me. I liked the transition though, nice and suspenseful.

Post-Chorus: Not muich different to the Chorus honestly.

Breakdown: I've yet to listen to this style of breakdown and enjoy it. I highly dislike this section in general. I think a highly technical solo is in order, or perhaps a symphonic break, maybe call-and-respone between keys and guitar. There are a million things you can do that are far more creative than open-note-chugging.

Melodic: Decent. Some high speed arpeggios on a harp or "rip" sounding French Horns/Trumpets would make this section though.

Outro: Appropriate to the style I guess.

This piece has a lot of potential, you now need to explore and make use of the ideas I posted above to really make this piece stand above the plethora of generic Melodic Death/core artists. Otherwise, it's mediocre at best. Hope that helps (Probably not what you were expecting considering the rest of the comments are quite positive). Good luck anyway. I'm also expecting vocals, otherwise you'll need something else in there to maintain interest.
Definitely feel the Bodom vibe. Got my head banging in the intro, really good feel. The variation on Riff A with the lead is really cool. The song flows really well, the transition into the chorus was great, and the chorus was great itself. I like how the feel of the song just changed. The synths are really cool in the second half of the chorus.

I liked the subtle variations on the repeat, and the post-chorus was nice too. The breakdown came in really nicely, was headbanging again here haha. When the Melodic section starts, the first chord sounds quite odd, I'd consider changing it, or varying it up a bit so the guitars aren't strumming the same notes for 3 bars. The outro was nice though, I'm a bit of a sucker for synths in metal.

So yeah, really cool song, I just didn't think it was the most original, it was slightly generic, but I definitely still enjoyed it. You didn't let it get boring with the constant variations. It's a pretty solid piece apart from the one part I critted in the Melodic section. Nice one man
Damn, I love the fast pace of this intro. AHHH that string melody is great. I love the use of notes outside of the key that the guitar is using. Those accidentals are MUCH more prominent in the verse, and holy shit it sounds awesome. The use of bends on the guitar is really cool too.

Riff A is good, but the volume seems to be a bit too loud at 41.

Start of the chorus sounds promising. Wow, bar 60 gets pretty interesting with those synths. I like how it kind of exploded into this section.

So far this song has been full of energy and intensity, just the way I like most of my music. I'll definitely be looking out for more of your stuff.

Bar 109 transition is a bit weird...

BREAKDOWN Why oh why As Hayden said, there is so much more interesting stuff you could do...

123 is better though.

The drums cut out a bit suddenly at 136-137. Maybe you could add a cymbal hit in 137 to make it smoother.

The melodic part is REALLY good, but like Seb1uk said, the first chord/lead octave chord meshes kind of weirdly, creates dissonance. Might want to fix that up a bit. The synth outro sounds so damn cool. I was kind of disappointed when the song ended. All in all, great song, really well-written for the most part, never got repetitive or anything. Good job!
Not melodeath; if it features a breakdown is metalcore, although a kind of metalcore alot more metal influenced than standard metalcore. Will crit later prob.
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