Ok I play mostly metal(pantera, megadeth, etc), currently play an sg faded and Jackson rr3 through a little Marshall amp, mg30 nothin special. Been lookin to upgrade to somethin better for a while. Don't know much about amps, other than what everyone else says on the Internet, so many choices, so many opinions, I'm freaking lost ha.
Just got a Randall head out of the blue, Rx120dhs for pretty cheap bout 100 bucks on eBay, thought I couldn't go wrong.
So here's my questions:
Good or bad choice on the head?
Any better options for under 500?
I need a cab too, I don't know where to start... Somethin <500
I dont really gig or anything like that, mostly at my house or at my buddies jammin. 2x12 cab probably the smart choice?
Hopes it's not too vague...
Any suggestions very appreciated
And yes I was considering a combo. But I have this Randall head, so that's what I'm workin with
You'll need a cab that matches the ohms and watts of your head. Well with the watts, it's best if the cab has a bit higher to be on the safe side.

Have you made a good choice? You have if you like the sound!
If you like the head, then get a 2x12, can get a bugera 2x12 for low money

If you want to spend more money, then consider a vypyr tube 60

or a valveking, jet city 20, or a

v55, see dingle video for how to make it metal
Haven't even tried it out it, you know without a cab. If I stick it on a smaller cab tho, since it's a 120 watt head, will it be too much/ over power the cab I guess is what I mean. I won't be blast it at a 100% or anything, mostly gonna play in my apartment. Or even is it a waste to have a 120 watt head if I'm not gonna use it...
could use a 1x12 cab with a 100 watt or greater speaker

jet city 1x12 with 70watt would work for apartment, not sure for blasting

then for cheaper would have to go used
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If you're just looking for a 2X12 cab, which would be more than enough for jamming and gigging, look into the Carvin Legacy 2X12, they have G12's in there. There's also the Vader 2X12's that are pretty damn good. I used to have one.
Awhile ago I bought a Marshall DSL100 and Mesa 2x12 cab to get a sound like Megadeth. I hated the Marshall so I just got a Blackstar HT-5 and it rocks. I dont gig or anything. Its perfect for bedroom stuff and sounds amazing. I didnt like the Blackstar speakers but with the Mesa cab, the sound is really full.

Juss my 2 cents. You might wanna think about that setup. I use a Jackson KE3 Kelly fyi.
Definitely considering the carvin n vader. Guess I'll just look around. But does anyone know about kustom cabs, just saw a 4x12 for 200 on musiciansfriend, good for the money, or should I hold out for somethin better?
Wait for something better. Speakers make a BIG difference. I heard the Jet City cabs were pretty good for the money. Heard they had more of a mid range tone to them. All I can say is my Mesa 2x12 rocks. But of course anything with V30's will sound good, I think.
Quote by Slayterica
So here's my questions:
Good or bad choice on the head?
Any better options for under 500?
I need a cab too, I don't know where to start... Somethin <500

1.Bad choice. (IMO)
2. Absolutely, Blackstar, Marshall or Jet City with a good pedal (Could think of more if I thought about it)
3. 2x12 would be the best choice, fish around on the local craigslist.
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