Hi all,

Been playing for a little bit. Have predominantly focused on alt picking and i'm developing a fairly tight technique. My sweeping picking is coming along nicely.

Decided to incorporate some economy picking into my technique, but i find that no matter how much or how slow i practice the technique my playing seems really rigid when economy picking. As a result after a few weeks trying it, i'm really not progressing speed wise to justify fully integrating it into my playing yet.

Any advice? Just a case of more practice or the possibility of a technique flaw when economy picking?

Thanks in advance.
Hmm if you can sweep pick and alternate pick well, you should be able to economy pick well?

When you're sweeping, that's equivalent to economy picking, as you're picking in the same direction as you're moving across strings.

Maybe you need some simple scale exercises that can be picked in different ways to get your head around things.

It's very helpful to use a metronome when you're doing exercises to develop a certain technique. Just start at a tempo you're comfortable with and keep on increasing it in small increments. However, don't do that until you can play cleanly at the tempo you've reached.