A few bands I like actually use a bit of falsetto and I do think it makes some things more interesting. Sometimes they just have falsetto in the background. However, my falsetto is a freakin' joke! It doesn't sound good at all! It sounds like I'm making fun of someone or something

How do people, like say Relient K, develop their falsettos so that they actually sound seriously good? Like there are times when he goes into falsetto and it doesn't even seem that different but for me it's like what the heck??? Help!
My falsetto sounds a little off sometimes, too. All I can say is practice, practice, practice. Your falsetto is probably going to be weaker than your natural voice, so practicing will help you strengthen it. Also record yourself singing a LOT, so you can hear what you sound like and what you need to improve on. Also, a lot of vocalists will double-track their vocals on a record. Maybe if you double-track it, it'll sound fuller.

EDIT: Check this out if you like falsettos!
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I take singing lessons to learn how to sing like Justin Hawkins from The Darkness and I've been told that if I practice some Bee Gees songs and try to do a more focused falsetto, it'll strengthen faster and won't tire as fast as if I sing with a very airy falsetto.