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im currently owning a Vox Tonelab EX and i only use that for playing, i play through an amp, but just through the line/aux in.
Thats why i thought of just selling the amp (which is a crappy line 6) and build a small amp circuit to go in bethween the tonelab and a cabinet.
I saw the 'lil gem' on generalguitargadgets, i thought of building it in a small box to go on top of the cab instead of in a pedal, will the thing be able to do the job?
Personally, (if i found the right little gem) It depends on the speaker cab. first thing is impedance.The little gem needs to have a lower impedance than your cab. Then, you'll probably be limited to very small speakers. I've seen similar amp circuits in computer speakers. that's about it. I think this is designed more as a headphone amp than something to power speakers. Although I'm not sure about what the vox in front of it would do. I still can't imagine it upping the power much (if any actually) Then again. lunchbox tube amps drive 4x12s. (granted they're tube powered) I might keep your line 6 personally. I'd like someone else to chime in though. I'm no expert.
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i read somewhere (dont really know where anymore :p) that it sounded awesome connected to a 4x12, 16 ohms cab. and would a mxing panel have any use in amplifying?
Smokey Amps make a small 9v powered amp that sounds excellent through a 4x12. Drains the battery faster but if you were adventurous enough to put an external power supply in to the little gem you could play long as you want and save on batteries.
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the lil gem already has a dc jack, or at least, the version im looking at has
Beavis audio have a very nice lm386 based amp called the noisy cricket. They have a version that fits on a tiny 3" square prototype board from radioshack which would be ideal for a little box mount, file can be found here:

http://www.beavisaudio.com/projects/NoisyCricket/MarkII/NoisyCricketMarkII_RadioShack_Rev2.pdf EDIT: the BoM lists a 10k linear control for volume, but you want a 10k log pot instead

it's based of the ruby amp, which is similar to the little gem.

the full noisy cricket article can be found here: http://www.beavisaudio.com/projects/NoisyCricket/
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