I'm 13 years old and I've been playing guitar for 1 1/2 years now.
But as of lately I've been having problem's.
You see, ever since this drummer I know told me about his band (Rise to remain who were on the cover of this weeks kerrang) I've turned to metal/metalcore A LOT more.
But at the moment I have a standard fender squire beginners guitar which I've had since I started guitar.
But now I want to do metalcore/metal I'm struggling to be able to do the riffs for numerous reasons a)I'ts an old guitar anyway so its pickups are starting to slack b)The strings are just becoming shit within a week of putting them on, and c)I cant reach a lot of the skips from 8 - 13 for example.
I was wondering what i could do with my problem of having small hands and wanting to play metal.
I know you can get the 3/4 length guitars but honestly, I see 8 year old's with 3/4 length guitars and I'd look a bit stupid on stage with my band at school and holding a small guitar.
Ideally I want a guitar with a smaller neck and less space in between frets.
Thanks a lot.
You can get short scales.

Fender make a few, like the jaguar, mustang etc.

Theyre far from metal. Though.

Strats/teles have a 25.5" scale length, fender short scales are 24", most les paul/gibson type guitars are 24.75". So there isnt that much difference.

Im a girl, my hands are pretty small, i can reach 1 - 5 on the low e string on my tele/jackson, and 1-6 on my jaguar. Your problem is mostly due to lack of practice and strength in your hands. Something with a slimmer neck profile will make it easier, and a better guitar overall will improve your playing. But youre still gunna grow dude, so get something that will last.
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A: Tighten them up witha screwdriver.
B: Use Elixer strings, they last a bit longer.
C: If you play well enough with it then it doesn't matter what size it is (lol at the innuendo).
Thanks for all the advice but as well as long term I need to think about short term as well because me and my band have a gig for this school thing in December and as of now, were not certain on what were doing although we want to compose at least 2 songs for it and learn 1 so I'm under a bit of pressure because I'm the one who does the tabbing and all that good stuff but its hard to compose a metalcore song if I cant even see how it sounds;D
let me save you the trouble


-----------------------*weedleyweeee*7777---------- *pigsqueels*

If its a new genre to you it only makes sense you're having trouble playing in that style, there's new techniques and phrasing you wont be familiar with. Try some youtube vids. If you cant play something dont write it, start simple.
But I'm still stuck with the issue that the Fender Squire (A beginners guitar) is out of date anyway so I'm getting a new guitar partly because I cant see a standard squire and its pickups doing me well on stage playing metal.
So really i just need a guitar that would be suitable for metal and conquer my needs.
yeah the squiers from those beginner packs are pretty shit.

We need more info though.

Whats the rest of your equipment
Your Squier will likely have a shorter scale and smaller neck than any other guitar you buy; mine does anyways. I doubt the pickups are starting to sound bad because the guitar is getting old. It's a squier, so they probably weren't the best to begin with. That's either an excuse to buy a new guitar, or your ear is developing a bit and you're starting to appreciate tone. You're still young, and you've only been playing for a short time, so I'd suggest not buying a new guitar. Your hands will grow and get stronger. Keep practicing and you'll be able to play that stuff on (almost) any guitar. Good luck!
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I understand what your all saying but there are numerous problems with my Squire which is causing me so much stress, sometime my bridge becomes wobbly and I have to fix it and the next couple of days it will happen again, there's just a load of stuff that's leading to me getting a new guitar. As well as what I just said, my squire annoys the shit out of me now simply because as jimmy said im starting to appreciate the tone of my guitar more, I always have really because before playing guitar I played 5 years of piano and I now play drums aswell and I play violin for 2 years, so yeah I sort of know what im talking about with tone.


Budget £200-350?
Location - ENGLAND
Used/New- Doesn't fuss me TOO much as long as its not really old;D.
Whats the rest of your equipment - Roland cube - 30X
It sounds to me like your guitar just needs a good setup. I would honestly save your money until you're ready to invest in a quality guitar, instead of throwing what money you have saved away right now. If you really hate the sound of your Squier (and trust me, I get it; mine sounds aweful...), consider changing the pickups.

I also don't get what your problem with "old" guitars is. Old instruments aren't worse than new ones. In fact, a lot of the newer guitars in your price range aren't going to be of good quality. If I had the funds, I'd jump at the chance to grab a '60s/'70s Strat, Les Paul, or Tele.
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I have an epiphone acoustic who have a 39mm nut, and is shortscaled, a wonder for little kids with small hand. exepted that the body is huge, like my little sister can hide behind it... I dont know, but maybe you can find a 24.75'' sclaed epiphone, with a tiny nut and a thin neck.
Go ebay, youll get the best deal. You should be happy with any of these. With some money left over you can get some killer pickups.

(I got my jackson from the guy above, hes pretty cool, uses good quality stuff to peice together guitars.)








^I have to disagree. Dont waste money polishing a turd. Ive played some very nice squiers. Ive played some that made me want to put my hands into a blender.

When the neck is like a baseball bat, the frets are sharp, the wood is cheap, the tuners and hardware are made from tin foil. Then its deffinately time for a new guitar. Its always nice to keep one as a beater though.
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That schecter omen extreme, from looking at the specs and stuff, would it be sutable with my hand needs?

If this helps, streched out as much as i can from thumb to pinky the length between them is around 7 inches.
i hear schecters have pretty chunky necks, its 25.5 too. But it should be more playable than your squier.

Go to a store and try stuff out is your best bet. After all, theyre you're hands.
Unfortunately most "metal" styled guitars are gonna be full size. What you need is a guitar equiped with Humbuckers and a Stop tail bridge.
Epiphone makes the SG and LP Express that are short scale guitars. They also have the Explorer GT and the Les Paul GT which are also a little smaller than a standard model.

The only other option is the Gibson Godess series from a few years ago, but that's probably way out of your price range .

Learning a new style is gonna take a while, with new chord structures/rhythm patterns.

Your 13 and have just begain to experience a small pert of what is out there. Keep an open mind to diffrent styles and you will be amazed at what can be done on guitar.

Good luck!
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Right so to sum up, I've heard that ibanez would most likely be my best option?
Seeing as people have said they have smaller necks than other guitars?
Ibanez makes nice guitars, but because of what you have described as your issue, you need to go to a music store and try out some guitars so you can decide. But the Ibanez and epiphone GT models would be a good place to start with.
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Krank Rev 4x12 (eminence V12)
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ibanez and jackson are full length.

The wizard necks are pretty slim and feel good.

I prefer jackson necks. Theyre about the same thickness, but theyre wider, makes fast stuff a bit more precise.
Take a loot at some Ibanez RGs. I got an RG when I was your age and it played very well for my hands. Just remember that your hand will grow.


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I think it's a matter of just practicing more (you've been playing for 1 1/2 years, you're still developing as a guitar player, so things are still going to be hard for you). I wouldn't buy a new guitar just yet, you're about to go through puberty, which means you're going to quickly outgrow a smaller guitar if you get one.
You are only 13 though dude, everyone has small hands at 13.

I don't think it's worth buying a new, small scaled guitar, when you'll hit growth spurts any time, then you'll have bigger hands and you'll need a bigger guitar again :p.

Just buy a guitar you like the sound/shape/style of, like anyone else would, and the stretching will come with age/practice.
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