Hi guys, ive been guitar for almost a year now on a heavily modified encore strat with scalloped neck and a seymour duncan screamin demon in the bridge position. I think ive gotten the most out of it now, the single coils are absolutely shit, so i rely on the humbucker most of the time.

So i decided to go and have a look at a les paul and a fender, in all honesty the les paul was to heavy and clumsy for me, i always loved a fender anyway so ive decided im going to get a fender strat, now i play a broad range of music (blues and heavy rock, odd time a bit of metal), i mostly play dire straits, greenday, guns n roses, acdc, lenny kratiz and a bit of chuck berry/ springsteen.

i love the single coils but need the grunt of a humbucker, so i need ur opinion on whether to get a sss (love the look of it 'classic') or hss, pity that fender cudnt make a hsss with a hidden humbucker like a line 6 guitar, **** that wud be awesome, so what uns guys think?

Get an SSS and put a rail (I think they're called rails, the single coil sized ones) humbucker in the bridge?
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HSS if you play anything heavier than blues.

edit: ^ that could work but a single coil sized humbucker will never sound the same as an ordinary humbucker.
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well theoretically you could mod HSS into HSSSS, but it would be weird (also the bridge single-coil would sound differently than usually cuz of different position)

I'd recommend HSS, maybe with coil tap or HSS with single-coil-sized humbucker (looks better)
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thats what i was thinking becky, but its a real pity fender didnt make a humbucker which cud get that 'quack' that im looking for, by the way Kory, i was thinking of the strat vg but without all the tunning shit, just a plain fender strat with the thin humbucker situated right in front of the tremolo
oh that....well that ain't exactly a 'thin humbucker', but most probably a MIDI pickup, since it's modelling guitar. Something like Roland GK-3 or similar.
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oh right, my mistake kory, only seen it on youtube and the man said it was a humbucker, well i was thinking there, wud it be better if i got SSS with os2 boss pedal, or hss with amp gain?
well in the title you say you 'need the grunt of a humbucker' and 'love the single coils' so i think some coil-splittable mini-humbucker ( i dislike the look of full-sized ones in HSS guitars =P) would be most likely the best solution
An SSS will do most of that stuff except metal. I would recommend the HSS- I have an SSS and honestly rarely use the bridge pickup alone- just too trebly. I think HSS strats are great, and the most versatile guitar you can get without getting too techy or losing vibe. Go with your gut though- if you're a purist, the HSS will never do it for you.
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Well, if you get a HSS you still have two singles.

May as well get the HSS.

Strat bridge sc's are too quacky anyway. Tele bridge pups are where its at.
im not really a purist, although i like the look of a sss strat, id rather have the 'engine' than the 'body' if u catch my drift? right now ive been saving for a guitar, and able to afford one, didnt like gibson much so the fenders done me, the only reason i might need the bridge is for dire straits, mark knopfler uses the middle and bridge, although its nicer with neck and middle pickups for sultans of swing
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