Left you a message at youtube.
May i say that it's a difficult solo to catch the groove, yet you manage to do it without sounding too technical.
I would work on those bends a little more.
I like your style. Following you now.

My friends and I, formed a band, 3 months ago, and we recorded our first cover,
Would you be so kind to check the video and leave a comment at YouTube?


Thanks for your time!!

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No problem man just dropped my 2 cents on your vid, thanks again for the comment!
Hey man, nice soloing. You're definitely a better guitarist than myself, so not gonna crit you there. But just saying, I would have liked it better without hearing the actual song playing in the background, because I'm listening the song itself and suddenly your guitar comes in really loud and its like whoa shock. But your playing is great!
Nice vibrato, nice Strat, and nice feel, but you need to work on your bending.

Sometimes when you to whole step bends (which this song has a lot of!), you don't quite make it to the whole step.

Also, don't be afraid to throw a Pinch Harmonic in here or there for taste, Gilmour does that a lot when he plays it live (On an Island Tour and P.U.L.S.E).

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Thanks man, I know some of the bends are off but I can always work on them. Thanks for the crit!