If the above photo doesn't appear. I've attached it at the bottom.

This is actually my only electric guitar right now. I’ve played for almost a decade but I went through about six years of only owning an acoustic.


From the second I saw Kurt Cobain with his Mosrite Gospel I’ve loved the look of that body shape. It just screams alternative rock to me. I think this guitar looks even better with a nice cream binding on the body and neck. A real nice recess in the wood accents the sunburst, which shows the wood grain very nicely. Real nice gloss finish. I know it’s said all the time, but pictures do not do this guitar justice. This is the most beautiful guitar I have ever seen.

This is my first p90 equipped guitar and I’m very happy with their sound. I use to own a Epiphone Les Paul with EMG’s and I hated their sound, way too muddy for me. (I must admit that I was a novice when I owned them so I may have had the pickups at a wrong distance.) They have a bite to them like single coils but with much more thickness. Best of both worlds.

The Jaguar tremolo gave me some trouble on the first string change. It got stuck and not even a guitar tech could figure out how to fix it. I looked online at some Jag trem diagrams and figured out the spring was set way to high. Now it works fine. I like it a lot more then Strat trems because the string behind the bridge has a light resonation and adds a weird ambience to the guitar. I’m sure that would drive some people insane but I like it. Also you can push on that area with your right hand and cause the pitch to increase. Great for surf.

Awesome neck. Feels a lot like an acoustic guitar neck which I love. I put Ernie Ball Power Slinkys on it and now it feels more like an acoustic than an electric.

Stays in tune real good.

I bought it from Eastwood’s My Rare Guitars eBay account. On Ebay it had free shipping as opposed to Eastwood’s website which charged 50 dollars. Not sure why that is but I took advantage nonetheless. It was packaged it very well and shipped very fast. $450 in total.

Eastwood sent me a free cable, stickers, and some picks. Nice gifts.


Now for the bad. When I first bought it I wondered how on Earth it could be only $450, now I know. The quality leaves some to be desired. The cavities for the pickups are done very sloppily. However I can fit a pick in between the wood and pickups so it does make a nice unintended pick holder.

Instead of springs holding the pickups it had foam. Huh? I’ve never heard of this before and don’t recommend it. They just simply don’t work. I put some springs in it and everything is good.

The tuners are Kluson copies which I wasn’t sure about, but now I like the green keys. However there is no screw on the top of the key so I can’t tighten it. So far it works but I fear they’ll lose there grip and give me problems. Maybe they won’t, but I would still like that screw just in case.

Let me emphasis however that the pros greatly outweigh the cons.


I love alternative rock. The Pixies, Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Violent Femmes, RHCP, ect. This guitar is perfect for that. Since that kind of music is mostly rhythm, I have the action set up low to make barre chords a lot easier on my fingers. Thick strings give it great tone. But for me the most important thing was the looks, and this baby delivers ten fold. Very comfortable to play and very fun to play. I would recommend it, just know it needs the foam replaced with springs and you’ll be golden.

If you have any questions about it I’d be glad to answer.
how was the foam mounted in the guitar? do you have any pics? ive never heard of that haha
i've seen one of those once. they have and intresting shape and that in combo with that neck pickup slightly angled almost made me GAS but i kinda hate that three tone with white guard..
Quote by ibanez2011
how was the foam mounted in the guitar? do you have any pics? ive never heard of that haha

Nah I didn't take any pictures, but basically instead of springs there were two pieces of foam about two inches thick that each screw went through before going into the wood. I guess their idea was that the foam could be pushed down in between the screw and wood and expand back up if it needed to be. I can't imagine that saved them any money as what does four springs cost compared to four pieces of foam? I don't see what their idea behind that was.