I'm Looking to start a pop-punk/classic punk band in the Flint/Burton Michigan area.

The main influences i'm using for this project include:

Jimmy Eat World
Green Day
Bad Religion
Social Distortion
Rise Against
Blink 182
Sum 41
Face to Face
The Decendents
The Addicts

Just to name a few! I'm looking for a Punk Vocalist since i really don't wanna sing, a Bassist and a Drummer. i'll be playing Rhythm/Lead Guitar.

Please Message me on this forum, or my page...hell even Facebook me if you want


Oh, and we need a practice space and a name...i'm making this band from the ground up....so please any punks in the area wanna be in a band or make this their side project, message me A.S.A.P

-Much Love-
F Ing Epic.
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No one really? ugh that's a drag man. Well, spots are still open for well...everything.

Come on Guys, if you can make it to practice, idc where you live haha but we need a practice spot.

eh, i'm not gonna fret. but Come on, get at me punks, let's tear the city down!
F Ing Epic!
Still No one? wow...I feel the punk energy in this town. There has got to be someone in the Burton/Flint/Grand Blanc Area of Michigan that is a punk rocker...am i the only one?
F Ing Epic!