I've gone through quite a bit of money in Guitar Cable's, because for some reason I always get one that shorts out, rips, the input jack's break off, etc.
Well I'm sick and tired of it! >
Was browsing for a cable and found this on Ebay, was wondering if the Brand name rings any bells? Is it good or just a random off-brand one mass-produced in some obscure country?
I've seen ones that LOOK like this, in our local music shop, and they're the ones that I test all amps/guitars with. They seem sturdy. Also it's 20 feet long.... My current one is only 1ft long (Meant to be used between pedals, all I have left though T_T) -_-.

Maybe you ought to try being more protective of your cables. Not trying to be a dick, but I've had all of three cables shit out on me and it has been my fault every time. You're only going to find a sturdier cable if you're willing to spot for a monster cable, which are total wastes of money in my opinion.

Also if you are pretty tone concious even when practicing you'll notice a big drop in the highs over a 20 footer. I guess it would depend on your guitar and amp but that's what usually happens to me.
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I use monster cables, In the 2 years I've had one I only had to replace my cable once(I don't play live so that helps) but every cable has a lifetime warranty. If it breaks then all you have to do is bring it into any store where they are sold(world wide) and grab a new one, your dog could eat the cable in half and you can still bring it back and grab a new one off the shelf.

They are more expensive then most cables, but you wont have to pay more on cables because they broke.
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I've found Bullet Cables and CoreX2 Cables to be great and cheaper than most quality cables.
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dont go cheap on cables. you get what you pay for. and its only cheap when you buy the one, after so many cheap cables, you end up spending more money in the long run compared to buying a few legit and dependable ones. Try to find something with a lifetime warranty. Ive had really good experience with bullet cables, monster cables, and mogami cables. Each have a life time warranty as well. so if they DO short, just bring em to the place you bought em and swap em fo free!
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Just get something guaranteed for life *shrug* Then if it breaks, get a free replacement.
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I bought an average 3 metre Peavey cable in 1996. It's still my main cable, home and live.

Several reasons it's still going without any issues - I make sure it's looped through the guitar strap to prevent it getting yanked. Don't stand or let others stand on it (the longer the cable the harder this is). When sitting down playing with a guitar with a side routed jack be careful to prevent any pressure on it. Learn to coil up a cable properly.