Mixtape #6

1. Do Make Say Think - You, You're Awesome from You, You're a History in Rust (2007)
2. Everyone Everywhere - Tiny Planet from Everyone Everywhere (2010)
3. Gang Of Four - I Found That Essence Rare from Entertainment! (1979)
4. Parts & Labor - Outnumbered from Constant Future (2011)
5. Fucked Up - Queen of Hearts from David Comes To Life (2011)
6. Lemuria - Chautauqua County from Pebble (2011)
7. Mikey Erg - Little Hands of Concrete from Heart Shaped 12" (2011)
8. White Wires - Hands from WWII (2010)
9. Watchword - CollegeBound from Ship of Fools (2011)
10. Piebald - Long Nights from We Are The Only Friends We Have (2002)
11. Mixtapes - Orange Yellow from Maps (2010)
12. Delay - Ink Poisoning from Plain Language (2009)
13. Nobunny - I Am A Girlfriend from Raw Romance (2010)

Runtime: 38 minutes and 15 seconds.

I don't have an actual theme because I'm not a pretentious pseduohipster. The mix is mostly poppy and emo stuff, but not exclusively. I only had "Ink Poisoning" in FLAC and couldn't find anything other than a vinyl rip for a workable format, so sorry if the audio sucks on that one. I tried to include a good number of songs from this year. Blah blah blah thanks for listening.

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I love Colleen Green's version of I Am A Girlfriend, No Bunny's version is p good too though (I know his is the original). I'll listen to the mix soon, it looks like I'll like it. Time to catch up on everyone else's too before the 18th.
I just listened to that cover, it's not bad. Thanks for the tacit recommendation! I picked that song in particular to close the mix out because I thought the dialogue at the end sounded swell to finish it up.
I bet I could just listen to the first track and be satisfied. I love DMST.
“Just to sum up: I would do various things very quickly.” - Donald Trump
Same. You, You're a History in Rust is probz my favorite post rock album. That song is kind of plunky though, but I thought it worked well as an opener.
looking forward to hearing that Parts & Labor track. haven't heard anything from them since Noveller quit the band.
I just finished it and just like I thought I liked it a lot. Different version of I Am A Girlfriend then I heard from him. Still good though. I especially liked the girl singer from Lemuria. Good stuff.
I promise I will listen to this one day.
“Just to sum up: I would do various things very quickly.” - Donald Trump