Picked up an RP150 at a yard sale. (I know, should have tested it first.) Powers up fine, but it's not outputting any sound to the amp, and it is not picking up anything from the guitar in tuning mode. Did the factory reset, made sure both cords carried a signal directly from the guitar to the amp. Any ideas? My first suspicion was a bad output jack, but it does not appear to be picking up any input from the guitar either. Thanks in advance for your help.
Troubleshooting something like that is extremely difficult even if the thing was sitting in front of you - and you want an explanation on a forum???
Try cleaning the sockets by spraying some contact cleaner on a plug and working it in and out a few times. Try different cables.
If it's more than that it's probably not worth fixing. The labor alone involved just in diagnostics unless something is obviously smoked would be more than it's worth to replace.
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