Hey guys. So, I'm a completely self-taught musician both in terms of guitar and vocals. Now, I have a decent voice (It's soft but still able to get an edge on it). Granted, my pitches aren't the best, which is why I like to practice songs a billion times before I sing them in front of people.

My issue is this: At any given point in time, I'm either living in a crowded dorm or a house with my sisters and father. This poses an issue for me, because I get very nervous in front of anyone, however, when I feel I have the song down perfect, I'm fine. I can't bring myself to sing in my full voice while I'm in either of these two places, which kind of defeats the purpose of practicing.

Got any advice for this problem?
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Sing in the shower?
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A home I can handle it, but when I'm at school, knowing that I have 10 people I barely know within hearing distance makes it really hard.
"This nightmare's gonna break me.
Please, Daylight, save me..."
I have the same problem. The only time I feel comfortable practicing is when I'm playing loud guitar along with music playing, to try and drown it out.

If you have a car you can park it somewhere isolated and just practice in there.
Same issue for me.. I don't like people to hear me practicing when I'm not comfortable with the song yet >.>

The only way I overcome this is only singing when no one else is home (and that isn't helpful on weekends when I need to warm up before band practice). I say singing in the car is a great idea if you have one (I don't D.