This is my cover of Evanescence's power ballad "My Immortal", the band version (not the acoustic one). Please let me know what you think:

I did 4 vocal tracks, 2 electric guitars, and hell lot of VSTs (bassoon, pan flute, cello, strings, drums, bass, choir pad), taking a fair bit of creative license with the arrangement. Clearly I love Evanescence. My friend (mrcivic33) plays the guitar solo.

EDIT (13/9/2011): After some initial mixed feedback, I've completely re-recorded the first verse vocals with a softer tone and improved the harmonies in the first chorus. You can still find the updated version in the above link (r3.5). Thanks!

EDIT (14/9/2011): Now up to r3.6, tinkered with the compressor and mixing. Thanks to everybody who's commented so far!

EDIT (27/9/2011): Now up to r4.0, replaced the VST piano track with actual audio recorded from my new keyboard. Futher improvements to the verse vocals and minor volume adjustments.

I always appreciate comments and will gladly return the favour. Thanks!
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the vocals are alright, but i think the arrangement is awesome. the arrangement sounds pro. What VST's do you use?

can you comment on my cover?


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Loved the vocals! Pretty hard to match the same octave that Amy Lee, yet you manage to do it...
Really good managment of VSTs.
The solo sounds just fine too... Pretty well done overall!!

Hey, my friends and I, formed a band, 3 months ago, and we recorded our first cover,
Would you be so kind to check the video and leave a comment at YouTube?

Manhattan - Paranoid

Thanks for your time!!

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Thanks for your feedback peoples. After the mixed feedback in the first few posts, I've re-recorded the first verse vocals with a softer tone and improved the harmonies in the first chorus. Vocals should be better now (but I still ain't no Amy Lee). You can find the new version here (r3.6)

rich2k4, the VST instruments are mostly Halion Sonic SE that came with Cubase 6 (bassoon, pan flute, cello, string ensemble 2, electricbass). The drums are Groove Agent One. My guitar was plugged in direct and used Voxengo Boogex VST amp.

shir6392 wow... ummm... what can I say, I'm flattered. Here's my humble youtube channel, I only have a couple of vids at the moment but appreciate your interest.

I'll return all your C4Cs asap! Thanks a lot everybody!
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That is really good, a very hard song to sing. Very well executed, i especially like the double tracking on the vocals. Really well arranged, sounds excellent.