This will sound ridiculous but my LIFE GOAL is to become a lead singer/rhythm guitarist of a band and the most important thing that I still need to master is what I have come to find is the Ultimate Technique in Rock Singing.

Almost every band I listen to on my iPod has used this technique at least once, but for some reason I JUST CAN'T GET IT!!!!!!!!! I have tried many things and have quite an array of sounds I came make now but none of them seem to be right (well one of them seems kind of close but I really don't know)

ANYWAY while listening the Foo Fighters today I happened upon a slower song, and thank f*ck I did. I have spent years trying to figure this out and I'm a step closer.

Whatever, the point is that Dave Grohl has used this "Ultimate Technique" amazingly and I've known it, but in this particular song he used the technique very lightly for part of it and it sounded exactly like old blues singers... I'm thinking how did I not realize this sooner?!?!?! It seems to me that that is the gateway to this technique!

Last obstacle, how do you do the blues singing thing? It seems kind of simple and I do something similar except mine kind of is a bit more aggressive (too metal-y) and I have a harder time going higher with it- it might not be the right thing.

Somebody here has to know the blues singer style! Please help!!! I feel so close
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the secret to a raspy voice is lots of cigarettes and whiskey

haha I don't I'm going to do that XD