i already know

enter sandman
nothing else matters
fade to black
seek and destroy
for whom the bell tolls

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hm have you thought of learning any metallica songs?

but seriously just learn any song you like man

Also "Six" by All That Remains is fun and easy
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Whiplash is easy enough to pick up fast, Master of Puppets, Orion, Ride the Lightning.. all of them, damnit
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i meant to put the title as "metallica songs

because my freinds like jam together and know a bunch and i need to learn more.
Every song on An American Prayer by Jim Morrison.


Ahh, you mean't metallica songs... There is one answer: None.
Check out some of Dead Letter Circus' songs off their "This Is The Warning" album. It's not super complex, but they're all fun to play.

Songs like "This Long Hour," "Big," and "Next In Line."

Fair to Midland's stuff is pretty fun as well, and Karnivool is always a winner on bass.


Just read your other post.

Jam on something other than Metallica. If your friends only know one band to jam on, that's a bummer anyway. If you're only looking for Metallica, just pick some of their songs. I don't understand why you need someone external to tell you this answer.
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Anesthesia. It's so much fun, and so cool. And people give you props regardless of how easy it is. For a beginner bassist, its great. Also works a few not-so-common techniques.

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Take a break from metal - learn the 'Walking away' by streetlight. Such a good line

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Pretty much any metallica song, with special focus on the first 4 albums.
I'd put priority on Orion and Anesthesia, because those are plain old bass awesomeness.
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And I'll suggest My Friend of Misery and King Nothing.

I was just about to write: Really? No one has suggested My friend of Misery?

I suggest you learn my friend of misery. Learn the whole thing "how it was meant to be played" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qPSSEv2e_A

Jason is the freaking king. I'd also suggest you learn Blackened(which was jasons first writing credit). As soon as I could play along to the whole song I saw how my endurance improved.. A LOT.
Anything from the early metallica albums if you want to learn fast shit, my personal favorites are Ride the lightning, creeping death, trapped under ice, Anesthesia, disposable heroes, jump in the fire. groovier metallica lines aren't as easy but are fun, like shit from the black album, load and reload. Like the god that failed, my friend of misery, sad but true, ronnie, poor twisted me, fuel, devils dance, fixxxer, and the thorn within, are all pretty good ones. and also on other note if you learn the songs you'll basically be considered a pretty good rhythm guitarist haha.
Master of Puppets and My Friend of Misery. Nothing else really worth while learning. Apart from maybe Battery just so you can show off your speed.
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Take a break from metal - learn the 'Walking away' by streetlight. Such a good line

Yes, that and Down, Down, Down To Mephisto's Cafe, Here's To Life.... Any pretty much everything else off of Everything Went Numb and Somewhere In The Between.

I don't know the name of the bassist, but I love his work, man. Such hip lines on every single song.

But if you're really looking for Metallica to learn, do what I did in middle school and sit down and take a month to learn Kill 'Em All inside and out. Yes, including Anesthesia. Then take another month to learn Ride The Lightning. Then Master Of Puppets. And I don't mean play through all the songs every day and fumble through. Make sure you get all the notes right and in the right timing, that way you're not just learning songs, you're learning the music and you're doing it right.
If you do it this way, you'll improve your technique and learn a few things about song-writing and structure, if you pay enough attention to whats goin on. You'll get a lot more out of it than if you just sat down and read tabs through.
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