So, I was forming a band with a few of my friends/acquaintances, and when asking the bassist if he would join he said he'd think about it and I was "Yep, take all the time you need." Then about a week later the singer started bugging the bassist until he finally just said no (Yes, there was possibility he was already going to say no, so me and the other guitarist talked to him about it and the singer WAS bugging him, and that's why he said no.) I was thinking about just dropping the singer and redoing the band with me singing, but I don't want to be a jerk. I was thinking about still doing the band with the singer and different people, but I also have my solo stuff, the other band, and a 2 man art-rock group thing. ( Just for fun) I'm thinking 4 projects is too much. Any other ideas?

TL;DR - Walked in on brother fucking cat, what should I do?

Also, what do you think of my new color?
you're a stone fox
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the green stuff is really hurting my eyes.

hit your brother on the head.

edit : you ninja color-changed on me! the blue is better
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Suicide is the only way.
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4 projects is probably too much

Where's Waldo?

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Suicide is the only way.

This. Its what i do when i need to overcome a problem, never done me any harm.
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Yea man. Focus on school and shit.

5 projects if you count doing percussion for my school band.
you're a stone fox
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Suicide is the only way.

Considering your font color, this is the only option, I didn't read it, but I really suggest you kill yourself
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The singer sounds arrogant and douche-y.

He must be a great singer then

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5 projects if you count doing percussion for my school band.

This is what happens when you take on too much:

Bands I've seen live:

Def Leppard
Alice in Chains
Foo Fighters
Rodrigo y Gabriela
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4 projects is probably too much

yeah, I'm struggling to be enthusiastic about one band

its good though
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