I am a hard rock guitarist from New York City looking anyone trying to start a band.

I listen to all kinds of classic rock. Grunge/Hard Rock/Blues/Metal/Glam. All of it.

They only stuff i don't like is screamo stuff.

My biggest influences are Jimmy Page, Ace Frehley and Slash.

So if you want to rock post on this thread.

Oh and i'm 16 if any one cares.
Hey I am a 14 years old guitarist that also lives in NYC. I mostly listen to metal/rock/funk and some punk/blues. i'm pretty open minded when it comes to music. I've been playing guitar since I'm about 7 but started to practice seriously only last year. I have a black dean ML, a yamaha acoustic C40, a fender frontman 15g and a RP100 digitech pedal.

If you're interested you can email me at mustaineforpresident13@gmail.com