A few things about the mixing bugged me, the whole thing felt a bit claustrophobic and dense. Which can be good but in this case it made the fast bits overwhelming. I also didn't like the main cymbal that was being used. Overall the music was solid but the mix did detract from it somewhat. Very reminiscent of Amon Amarth, and iirc they also have very dense mixes, that complaint may just be me being picky. Giving the instruments a bit more room to breathe can't hurt though.
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Hey, we're A Haunted Mantra, a melodic death metal band from Charlotte, NC. We'd love if you could check out our song Across the Blackened Sky from our 2011 EP.


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1st video: Love the clean intro but when the song kicked in it was kind of an anti climax for me. Would have been nice to hear the intro melody worked more into the song. Otherwise it seems pointless having it at the start as it's more memorable than the rest of the track. TBF I'm not a huge fan of super heavy death metal though so I might be slightly biased.

2nd video: Much better than the first, the only thing that I would change is the drums a tiny bit over the verse's. But other than that, pretty cool