im a guitarist and drummer primarily, but play bass for a band. at the end of all our gigs, we finish of with feedback/white noise, and i know it seems an odd request as you usually want to get rid of it, ,but does anyone know how to achieve this cheaply and 'on tap' with a bass rig? i can do it really easily with my guitar rig but for some reason basses just dont seem to do it and i feel left out

Well, I usually turn my bass's volume to full, turn on both my distortion pedals and stand close to the cab. works wonders.

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this. also, maybe install a series/parallel switch to switch your pups out of phase. the switch, along with blasting the bass, gain, treble, volume, and getting close to the amp will get some sweet noises. i find it easier to eff up a pa system haha i just put the mic next to my amp
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Yeah get a high gain distoriton pedal (BOSS metalcore does the trick for me) get some high settings and feed back. I used to do it because there was no bass part and there need more noise in one of our songs while I was waiting