Nicotine or anti-depressants?

Me and 2 friends were having a debate because one of them may be depressed and the doctor wants to prescribe him anti-depressants but he said he'd refuse to take them because he said 'once you get on them, it's very hard to get off'. Which I agree; many people become addicted to them and rely on them for everyday life.

On the other hand, my other friend (who is a smoker) disagreed and said it'd be harder to quit smoking because it's a physical craving for cigarettes and it'd just be harder to quit, (he tried and failed)

IMO I think anti-depressants would be, but what do you think pit?

TLDR; one friend thinks anti-depressants would be harder to get off, other thinks cigarettes would be. What do you think?
Anti-depressants. I can quit cigarettes whenever I want, I swear.
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