Hello to Ultimate Guitar.com I learn from forums and give help if I have experience that will help. For my first twenty years of playing clubs, I sang and played drums. Drummers don't sing as much as guitarists/keyboardists. Although I got paid for singing and playing drums, I always had at least one electric guiitar and amp & pedals. I belong to a few guitar forums. Good information is valuable when it comes to any art or job in the world. I play a Strat with Lace Sensors and a Callaham bridge. It's Olympic White with a 21 fret one piece Maple Neck. I bought it from Elderly Instruments. My other Guitar is a Gibson Les Paul Double Cut. It's a great sounding axe. It has a chambered body patterned after a Les Paul Junior doublecut. The top is a good layer of maple with a Cherry Sunburst finish. It has 24 frets, a 490 & 498 Alnico 2 pups. I havent altered this guitar. It stays in good tune although it has a wrap tailpiece/bridge and Standard Tuners. The Maple top is probably AA, or maybe AAA. I removed the plastic control cover and switch cover. I noticed that the neck tenon on this model extends all the way thru to where to stop tailpiece is attached into the end of the neck tenon. This makes for a much more durable Gibson. I bought it new @ Guitar Center in 1996. I saw it way at the top of a display hanger full of guitars. I couldn't take my eyes off of it swo I made it mine. I cut the deal so close that it went home in a gigbag. I bought a hardshell plush lined case when I got paid again. I recently bought a Fender Custom Vibrolux Reverb off eBay. I didn't know about all the problems that exist in this model of amp. Zinky was behind the modifications. The reverb was faint, unusable. It made lots of noise. I got a Moyer Mods based kit and complete Cap Kit from John Fromel electtronics. I had a very experienced amp tech install all of those parts. Now the amp is a Vibroverb Circuit. Has SED 6L6's and Tung-Sol 12AX7's and a JJ 12AT7. The 12AT7 was the reverb tube but Fromel reccomended switching the 12AT7 to the phase inverter spot and to run the 12AX7 for reverb. It's truely the best sounding Fender that I've owned except for a Prosonic which was a great amp also. My pedals so far are a TS-808/Virtual Sound Jekyl&Hyde and H20 chorus and delay. I have a Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe. I also have a Boss DD-6 for longer delay and more repeats. A Boss OC-3 Octave. I am modding the Boss OS-2 Overdrive/Dist. using a J.Fromel mod kit. The kit contains 25 components. The Fromel kits contain the best possible parts that can be had. The large Caps in my Fender Amp were all F/T and the rest Sprague Atoms.