Okay, I've been posting a lot of threads lately, and decided this will be my last one.

I am looking at two amps, the Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier 50 (Either the normal one of the verb), and the Marshall JCM 900

Here is where it gets tricky, if i get the JCM 900 used, i could also get a better cab than the one i have to go with it. My current cab is a B52 LS412A , and its not very high quality. If i got the Mesa, i would have to keep the cab i have now.

I play pop-punk, which the 900 is more than acceptable for, and I like the tone, however i feel the same way about the Mesa.

Any advice helps, as well as a cab that would sound good with the JCM for around $500 used.
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Carvin Bolt
I've heard some bad things about the JCM 900

Where's Waldo?

You can get an Avatar cab for around $500.


As for the JCM900, get the Master Volume version, not the Dual Reverb.
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