I'd recommend looking at something else. Ampeg's combos are ok, but they aren't particularly remarkable, and they cost more then comparable amps. The BA series is good if you're going used, but if you're looking at ordering a new amp, take a look at Ashdown or GK for more bang for your buck.
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Spector and Markbass
Not a fan of the BA series amps or Ampeg in general.

I suggest you look around for GK or SWR.
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If you like the ampeg sound, get it. If you ever want to get anything other than an ampeg sound, get something else
What Ashdowns and GK can you compare to this one?

I love the ampeg sound, i've always loved it. Is it still worth buying?
It's an okay amp. A friend of mine has it and I've played through it. I like my Peavey better. And my friend's just recently broke on him. Not sure if that's related at all.
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