It's an older Dean VMNTX Dave Mustaine model. The bolt on version. I want to sell it on ebay, but I'm curious as to how much it's worth. The truss rod cover, tuners, pickup rings and bridge have been re-painted twice, due to the original owner painting them green and then another owner putting them back to black. There's also a chip on the lower point of the body (as with most used V's). Do you think that $150 is too much to ask for it? Is it worth more or less? Give me your input (I just wanna get rid o' this thing, it's never played anymore).
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I checked my 2011 Price Guide for that model and it's not even listed. From what you've described, I wouldn't even pay $150 for it. List it on eBay, but set the starting price low - perhaps $50. I really think if you expect to get $150 out of this guitar, you're asking too much.