Yo sup

Recorded 2 solos, both very different, yet interesting (to me). Both were improvisations, took like 5-10 tries. So what do you think? Know that they are sloppy, im more into melodic stuff rather than techincal. And I dont use metronome, ever maybe I should? Im selftaught and played almost 3 years now. Could you Ultimate-Guitar gods critizise my playing and recordings?



Edit: forgot links
Not that I consider myself anything close to an UG god, but:

If those really were improvisations then they're brilliant. Specifically the first one, I really liked most of that.
Thanks, positive feedback is always glad to hear!

They're different, but i prefer the metal one also, jazzy style is new to me (if that is jazzy solo I played ;D) . I'm more comfortable playing metal, but I still have lot to learn, that's why I need tips and critizism.