This is a spacy, atmospheric rock song with some elements of more progressive rock.
It is the first song in a concept album I am writing which I am temporarily referring to as "Works of Progress". Vocal part still under construction as I polish up the instrumentals.

C4C as always.

Stream the recording here:
1 - Vacuum.gp5
1 - Vacuum.gpx
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could you post the gp version of it? i really want to see how this is compossed it sounds amazing! one of the best things ive ever herd on here wow haha
Well if you're not going to post the GP, I guess I can just crit while listening to the piece.
- Intro sounds good, liked the time signature changes that you seemed to have going (or maybe it's just the phrasing?) Anyways, I loved that fill on the drums at :12 seconds, but I dont like the rhythm it leads into. Try to do some sort of eighth note tom pattern, I could see that working.
- :43 Sounds great. I really love the atmosphere that you're setting with this song, it definitely reminds me of post rock, maybe a little dark too.
- Liked the tradeoffs between the two guitars.
- Okay so Im over a minute in and most of the song has seemed similar, as in theres no real difference between the mood of each part, it's dynamic is sort of the same. It's just starting to get stale around 1 and a half minutes in. That part at 1:49 really gave me hope for a clean break or something, but it goes into something that sounds similar to something I've heard before already. I would've loved if the guitar at 1:49 kept playing that (tapping?) lead line in clean, with drums and bass over top.
- Time signature changes in 2:20s helped a bit with keeping it fresh.
- That lead at 2:31 was pretty awesome. I enjoyed most of that section (a solo)
- 3:11 was cool, I think you should've kept that high harmony going on all the time. Or you could've brought it in at 3:25 and played through that section one more time before fading.

So overall, I thought you did a great job with all the parts, but again, some parts seemed to drag because of a lack of dynamic change in mood or whatever. Could you
i cant say much besides i really really like it...if you close your eyes while listen...it tells a story.

really cool
Finally critting. Sorry I took so long.

As with the other piece of yours I critted, it's got a great sense of atmosphere. For a more ambient style of rock, the parts are really active, and I like that a lot. I like the harmonies that come in on the repeat of the main theme.

I can't help but think the lead at 2:11 sounds off. I can't say what it is you're doing wrong there, since I can't see the tab. However, after that part, it returns to form.

Not much to criticize other than that section mentioned above. It's nice.

C4C? I think you'll appreciate the style of this one. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1481014
I really like how you try to vary the drum parts, and when the guitars harmonize in the intro. All the parts are very well written, especially the atmosphere created during the bridge and lead.

Only thing I would change is to only play the bridge part after the first verse once instead of twice, because we've already heard that part plenty even though its a variation. and besides I find myself wanting to get to the second verse faster. But the pacing on the rest of the song is ace!

Really good compostition, and the atmosphere from just this GP tab is amazing!
Thanks for the critiques guys,

@guitar jew: Yeah, I figured out what it was; at one point the rhythm guitar and the bass were harmonizing on a minor second, which is probably what you were hearing. Fixed that bit.

@troyofyort: I added a clean solo to the second half of the second bridge. I might chop the first half of that second bridge entirely, but I might leave it because it's harder to hear the harmony line changed under the solo.

Updated GPX/GP5 and web stream with those following changes. I am 100% happy with the tracks instrumental parts right now, all I need to do is write the vocal part and it's done. Hooray!
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I liked the chord progression in the intro. The time sig was a bit awkward at first, but I got used to it. I agree with Mean Mr. Mustard, the drums in the intro were alright, but I didn't like the Bridge part. I feel like there's something more effective you could do there. Maybe a less erratic rhythm, I don't know.

Switch to 6/8 in the verse was awesome. I like this riff.

I don't mind the two repetitions of the bridge. I feel like the solo would come in too abruptly if it was just the one iteration. I liked the solo, by the way.

This second verse is awesome, with the harmonies and those bends. So sick. And the mood here at 77 sounds awesome too.

The lead break is cool, I like how it led into that verse (now outro) riff. After the 106 point, I feel like the outro should "flow" a little bit better, i.e. Keep those harmonies going for the whole thing, or maybe have a lead over top, tying it all together.

Overall cool atmosphere, cool song, just needs a tiny bit of fixing up.