Here´s one of my originals, I´ve been playing this one in many forms, keys and variations, and eventually I wanted to write this one down to remember some of the things that I use to play over this tune. Short but sweet concept; head x2, some 4 or 5 solo choruses and then the head again. It´s important that the head is actually only 15 bars long, so it´s quite fun to solo over it! As for the solo, I´ve tried to really play with the chord extensions here, and maybe to shift the time a few times.

C4C, no RSE.
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thats jazz alright
I dont have much to say, but I liked it, especially the use of triplets and constant key changes.
I never comment on your posts, not because I'm not thoroughly impressed, but because I can never think of anything to say, really. I love the sound of jazz progressions. They're so much more colorful than the average progressions.

As an original, it's great. The head has a distinct melody, and it's an infectious one, to say the least. The solo section, is just that, a solo section. I think the note choice is fine, although some of the chromaticism (105-109 in particular) didn't do it for me. I'd like to hear some more variation in the rhythm, but other than that, it's well-written, and all.

It is nice to have some variety in the forum here that few others really provide. Like I said, I'm always thoroughly impressed with what you put up, I can just never find what to say without sounding too sycophantic.
Nice!!!! A jazz piece on UG. Anyway that was pretty good. I really liked how you moved from the notes to the chords and had the subtle key changes and what not. The solo section didn't have too much variation. I also for some random reason don't like the run at 48-50. But as a suggestion see how someone like John Coltrane solos. Yeah he's a saxophonist but he's a good example. It's not just straight up continuous stream of notes. Pull a few bursts in there. And some random chords to cause an impact within the solo help, too. Django Reinhardt use to do something like that. While the drumming sounds good earlier, as one goes through the song it does get a little stale. I am not gonna lie writing drums for jazz isn't easy but they are usually very varied and erratic. Much more so than your drumming. But otherwise as I said I really liked the piece. Like most others I can't write jazz, unless maybe I am using a piano/keyboard type instrument. Good job.

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That was very nice. I don't really have anything new to add, just that I agree with what has been said about needing more rhythms in the solo.
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