So i was looking for a cheapish microphone i could plug into my computer that would be able to record both singing and acoustic guitar. What else would i need? What would be the best i could get for the money? i have about 50ish dollars. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
If I remember correctly, I got a PG48 for a bit less than $50. And that's a pretty good mic. You'd just need a conversion cable for the jack after that
That will sound utterly atrocious, but feel free to go ahead... $50 will get you almost nowhere, but if that's all you have then so be it. You'll be using a microphone without a preamp and with crappy A/D converters, plus an unbalanced signal that will go through noise-inducing circuitry, but you have to invest at least some money to make it worthwhile getting into recording.

With all that said, I still have years-old recordings I did with a £4.99 computer mic plugged into my old laptop that sound as good as some of the stuff posted here (P.S that's a half-hearted knock at some of the crap uploaded here, not a self-compliment to old recordings I did!)
Hey, look. Sigs are back.
To be honest you can't expect to get much with 50$ bucks.
so here are you're options at the moment:

1.save up and buy an decent interface and a decent condenser microphone.

2.shop used for a usb microphone:snowball usb/yeti/or ther usb microphone.

3.wait around till someone corrects me or posts better options.