I did an open mic on wednesday and it went really bad as the organiser didnt put me on to well late and I shouldnt of played because I drank too much.

This really knocked my confidence and I have a proper gig lined up for the 31st of October. I don't want to look like a idiot infront of a bunch of people and need some crit if my material is anygood.

I'm only a basic guitarist who just strums a bit and sings but I've played lots of open mics and enjoy performing this is a chance to showcase what I can do and probably get some respect from my fellow artist in my local scene but I really don't want to look like a dick.

Some crit on this song would be fantastic and once I've praticed more I'll have a better recording to review as I'm unsure if I'll just embarress myself at this gig. Playing my set start to end wont be a problem.

2 versions of the first verse very low-fi rough at the moment:

sun never sets in the badlands
sun never sets on a bad ass no
sun never sets, the sun dont setx2
in the badlands noo noo

Verse 1:
let me tell you a little about what i believe
you can only really trust in what you can see
like schroeders box better open her up
better check on what you got
with the earth and the moon and the stars in the sky
better live it up cos we only get one life
only got one time got a lot lots a words i like to ryhme
like polluting and a looting wont lead to revolution
but yeah if you want peace war isnt the solution
if you want a goodtime why dont you come with me
i know a place we can be free in the badlands


verse 2
i wanna try and instigate a new way of thinking
were people dont take without wanting to give
something back to their fellow man
let me give you something to contemplate
all they want is a police state
with a camera on every street
decisions are rivetting, your knees will be quivering
as sweat starts to form all eyes turn to you
you all out of time and damn out of luck
gotta decide but it's too much
all of a sudden the fog starts to clear
the way forward seems so near to the badlands
where we can all be free
to the badlands why dont you sing with me


verse 3
let me break it down to your geniology
take a little look at a possible history
that if africas the homeland
where we came from
thats where homoerectus first stood up
homosapian he came next
travelled out to the north east and west
one who went north was mighty cold
killed a deer took his coat
when who went east found bamboo
thats how he made all of his tools
one who went west and the sun never set
made his camp and made his bed
made his camp and made his bed
cos thats were he laid his head
man use to hunt for everything he needed
and use to use all he got in the kill
the flesh made food,
the fur made clothes,
the fat made soap,
the bone made tools,
the hunt is over cos there is no need
with tesco and asda to fill our greed
where spoilt for choice and cant decide what we need
ill tell you what we need, a place we can go be free
in the badlands, we can all be free