Hey guys,

I just bought a USB Dual Tube Pre Project Series. I'm having some trouble getting it working at the moment. I initially plugged it into my usb port and it slowed my computer down to a crawl but nothing really happened. Eventually I got a popup that said the plugin hasnt responded. Now I dont really know how to retry because I cant see the usb under my Computer tab.

I have a pretty solid laptop. Its an HP dv7 and I record with reaper. Does anybody have any recommendations/solutions to this problem?
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It wont be under "Computer" or "My Computer", (spelling different for different versions of Windows).....it will show up as an input/output source in Reaper. You need to go into Audio Hardware Setup.

As for HP....I'd never buy another, they have a lot of overheating issues and clearly they are not not making hardware anymore because they "could not make enough money"....
check your DPC latency with the DPC tool. Disable USB host controllers one by one and see if this helps performance at all
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