What is the best acoustic guitar brand if money wasn't an issue? I know there is no exact answer because it is all based on opinion. But what do you (and majority) think is the best acoustic guitar for a huge budget? I do not have a huge budget I am just wondering.
look into taylor, gibson, and prs. all very high quality guitars, but taylor is known for their acoustic guitars while gibson and prs are mainly electric.
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If money was no object I know that I would get one custom made.


I've got a friend who works for Maton building their high end acoustics, so I'd probably just recruit him to build me the best possible guitar out of the best that Maton had to offer, which in my opinion is some of the best sounding and playing acoustics in the world.

For an off the shelf? It'd still probably be a Maton, or a Cole Clark. Can't go wrong with a top of the line Martin either.

As I said though, this is all just my taste and mostly I just use my acoustics for layers in recording so if you're using it live or as a solo instrument then maybe there are better options.
there's no one best brand for me, but there are some standout guitars. the best sounding factory made to me would be the gibson jackson browne - incredible tone, one of the best guitars i've ever heard or played in my life. next, any goodall jumbo sounds so good you don't want to put it down, and you crave those rich, lush overtones - or at least, i do. goodalls changed what i thought a guitar could sound like for me. and a truly amazing luthier built guitar was this exact one http://tortorici-guitars.com/guitar.php?id=78 - i don't even care for nylon that much, but it blew me away completely. i've played some of his others, and they're very nice, but this guitar was an experience i won't forget.
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I've always thought it was Yamaha.

Price is an issue, and the reason we like brands is because they offer an assurance of consistent quality. But a guitar is not a high tech product. You can buy a good quality guitar from many manufacturers.
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Money no object? I'd get a one from Greenfield, Kevin Ryan, Beneteau Guitars, or such like.
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I don't think anyone is going to mention Yamaha or Takamine in terms of "best". All these firms make a lot of workmanlike instruments and a few very nice ones, but in terms of top-of-the-line money-is-no-object you are looking at the upper end of Martin and Taylor's custom shops, where everything is still hand-made, or at one of the many "boutique" brands that have sprung up.
And it still comes down to what you like.
The art of lutherie is still that, an art. A talented luthier could produce a guitar to your specifications and when you took delivery you might like it and you might not.

A lot of people would go the other way and go looking for a vintage instrument, like some of the pre-war Martins and Gibsons.