Hello everyone!

I've been using fL studio 10 recently to make beats and for synth sounds etc...

But I was wondering how I could record guitar onto it. I have a rough idea, but things get a little confusing with all the contradicting information on google.

Basically I understand that I need some kind of interface. I'm not sure what to get though.. All I need it for is connecting the guitar to the computer, don't need any mics, and I don't need any effects as I can do all that with plugins on FL 10 I believe (eg, amplitube) Any suggestions on good low latency interfaces?

Is this all I need to get started? Or am I missing something?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, i'm very new to this computer recording malarky.

Thank you in advance
yes, you need an audio interface.
you dont HAVE to use mics; however, plugins like amplitube will not yield as good tones as mic+amp in most situations...(i added "in most situations" so i don't get flamed)
yes, that is all you need.
I personally use an mBox 3 and pro tools, so that is the only interface I can really speak on
Thank you for your reply!

I agree, I am quite fussy when it comes to tone, and for live use,band practice and proper recordings I always use a good tube amp. But I'm enjoying messing around writing songs on fruity loops, and the practicality of me recording a cranked tube amp at home is out of the question in my situation.

That mbox 3 look great, but is way out of my price range... I can only really afford £50-£60 at the minute... Can I get anything decent with that?

Thanks again
Quote by DanielShaw123
That mbox 3 look great, but is way out of my price range... I can only really afford £50-£60 at the minute... Can I get anything decent with that?

It depends on your definition of "decent." What is your recording purpose? Demoing ideas? Showing song ideas to your band? Showing songs to friends? Posting online? Showing to the world? All of these require different amounts of quality to the recording and thus, different amounts of money, sadly. In that price range, you are looking at probably an entry level interface with a single input, if there are entry level interface at that level. As I said earlier, I really don't know too much about other interface, I only know alot about the mbox, and a bit about other ones I was looking at/tried out. I suggest going to sweetwater.com and seeing if they have an interface in that price range. Start there
Thanks again!

I guess what I meant was, is there much difference between a £50 interface and a £200 interface in terms of actual sound? Or does it just come down to the amount of inputs each has etc.?

Again, sorry for all the questions, just a bit clueless with all this...
i have a digitech rp355 pedal that can be connected usb-ly to the computer and it records pretty clear sounds i would recommened if you dont want to spend a lot of money on interfaces or other things
The Line6 UX1 is the cheapest interface I would recommend and they still retail at around £100
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