So what are some of your most memorable moments you've had with your acoustic guitar?

One of mine....

I was out one night sitting in my quiet thinking spot with my acoustic. I started to play and got really into it. After about a half hour a kitty cat shows up and sits about ten feet away and listens to me play for the next hour. Now every time I go to that spot to play that cat shows up without fail a few minutes after I start playing.

I am sure you have some too. Share them here!
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I recently started college. I was starting a band, and teaching the other guitarist parts to the songs. We are eventually going to use electrics, but for now, we are just practicing on acoustics. So we were sitting outside playing our acoustic guitars, and this hot chick walks by, and says "Wow! Sounds really good guys! Keep it up!"

We are a heavy metal band, and were playing a really heavy song. Apparently everything on an acoustic sounds pretty.
Someone I'm really close to has a 6month old daughter, whom I wrote an instrumental lullaby for shortly after her birth. Now the kid seem to recognize the music, her face lights up when she hears me play the melody, and it actually helps her sleep. It usually helps her calm down and stop crying as well.
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I have had many. It is because of my acoustic being at camp that I have decided to purse playing solo while at school here in Sudbury. Booked my first solo gig for the 29th of September!
I work at a camp for kids with physical disabilities, and seeing their faces light up when I would play "the camp song" by Peter Katz is something I will never forget.
Last night I had a memory created as well. I am a PM in my residence, and Me and the RA took our floor into the forest and had a camp fire on one of the rocks that sticks out of the ground ( we have a lot of that in Sudbury) just an amazing night of guitar, singing, and just so much musical collaboration going on!
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I recently started college. I was starting a band, and teaching the other guitarist parts to the songs. We are eventually going to use electrics, but for now, we are just practicing on acoustics. So we were sitting outside playing our acoustic guitars, and this hot chick walks by, and says "Wow! Sounds really good guys! Keep it up!"

We are a heavy metal band, and were playing a really heavy song. Apparently everything on an acoustic sounds pretty.

I live in a college town as well and let me tell you, sitting outside anywhere playing guitar here people will come up to you....especially girls. It's like clockwork.

I think my most memorable time playing was the first time I played with a full group of musicians (including drums and bass and all that good stuff). We were just jamming with nothing in particular to accomplish, but it was hands down the most fun i've had thus far.
4th grade, walking home from school with my uncles acoustic, fall, scratches all over the back, cried. kind of his fault for letting a 10 year old take his guitar around like that
These seniors at my school where playing their guitars in the high school commons. They were attracting alot of hot girls. Even though they could hardly play, they thought they where the bees knees, so Me and the other guitarist in my band brought our acoustics the next day and set up on the other side of the commons and long story short we owned them. lol freshman year wasn't to bad after that.
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i met with this guy who traveled all around the middle east playing suitar, violin, and a few other instruments that i dont know the names of. i met him at kind of a private party with fire dancers and stuff. my girlfriend made me bring my guitar even though i didnt want to, and he ended up playing it for a bit. after the dancers were done he came over to me asked me if i could play something that would go with his violin playing and told him i didnt know but i'll try. and we ended up playing for about 20 minutes. and afterwords we chatted about metal for an hour or so. it was such a big deal for me. me confidance shot through the roof afterwords. he was cool as sh!t. his band is called (Scott Jeffers)Travler, if you're interested in checking them out, they're great.
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It's hard to narrow it down to just one moment in all the time I've played...

That being said, one of the more memorable times took place over the course of a day. I was living with my sister in NC for a while, pretty unable to get a job. The only money I brought in was busking on the street in the downtown. One of the days that I set up I met and had conversations with tons of great people. Getting the chance to meet so many new people doing something I love is about my favorite thing about playing music.
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Well , wake up in the morning , picked up my guitar , and as soon as i start strumming across all strings, the A string snapped in two , missed my face by less than an inch , and nearly giving me a heart attack !

yeah , i know , my guitar sucks , but i love it anyway ...
PS : English is not my first language
I was sitting in my room, playing my acoustic in the amp 'cos its really helpful to practice like that to really keep your fingers hitting the right string, and my sister came home after being away for a week. I was mid way through my new Fingerstyle piece when she came in and I finished it shortly after she arrived.

I then went downstairs and she asked me what guitarist was playing and what album, because it sounded really good. The look of shock on her face when I said it was me....
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The other day I was jamming around a campfire with some family and there was that little girl (I'm not exactly sure how I'm related to her), and whenever I stopped playing she would come to me and say: "More music". It was a very nice little moment.

Also, my school's talent show, my first and only stage performance, but I loved it and have some other gigs (actually, I lied, just one) planned.
Probably the best time was when I was testing out guitars at the Mccabe's Guitar Petting Zoo booth at the LA Acoustic festival, and then Dan Navarro shows up and, seeing a guitar he wants to play, is forced into jamming with me since I'm already there playing. (he's from Lowen & Navarro, not Jane's Addiction, that's his cousin)
EDIT: In terms of most memorable, the first time I played with my now-fiancee. It was the second time we met, and her singing just blew me away! We've played together in quite a few really pretty places, and they all make me really happy to remember. Moonlit lakes, wild bits of Welsh countryside, pretty parks...

One time, I was playing in a park nearby, and the weather was beautiful - standard sat-under-a-tree-with-acoustic-and-notebook kind of afternoon - and I was playing through a bunch of the songs I know. Normally I play with my fiancee, and she does the singing while I do any of the more complicated guitar work, so today I was just playing the chords and the odd solo. I'd sometimes just play around with different progressions and styles. After a couple of hours, a group of girls that were sat about 30 or so yards away get up to leave and walk past me.
One of them stops to tell me that she thought I was really good Absolutely made my day!
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Not a Bump...I just would like to share one more......It is not special to anyone but me really

I was sitting in my room. I was playing my acoustic guitar. And I played a song I wrote from start to finish perfectly.....

Let that soak in......

Am I the only one that thinks that is a big deal? To play you first original song?
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not at all, of course thats a big deal. I was extremely pumped the first time I played a cover...haven't gotten around to writing any of my own stuff yet but I'm positive it'll mean a lot to me.
My second ever jam session with my friends (Female lead singer and drummer).
We were playing electrics the whole day and me and the lead singer decided to choose an acoustic song. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hviiGCkVMiY)

Transistioning to acoustic was long and awkward and took 10-15 mins. I had to take off my electric, find an acoustic, take the strap off of my electric, force it on the acoustic, find the right sized pick...

Right when the song starts the drummers like "woah.."
The strumming was already fast and i decided to crank up the speed even more.
By the time we got to the chorus(Strum once, 5 second pause), my arm felt like it was being torn off, yet at the same time i felt like i was having the time of my life.

Had to be one of my favorite moments ever with an acoustic.
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for me, the first time I ever finished a song the whole way through or more recently when I turned a lil wayne song into an acoustic song with no help, basic bar chords but god does it feel good
one of my favorite moments idea when I play my acoustic for my 2 ye es are old niece and she sings along..we do at least 3 or 4 songs and so fun I love it.
When i am teaching a my wife a love song singing it under a great light of the moon.