What's the difference between these two pedals? When it comes to tone.
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I usually never say this but searchbar. We get this question about once a week.

Anyway, what greeny said.

Really, if money is the issue, you can pick up a TS7 on ebay for like $30, and mod it to either a TS9 or a TS808 for like $25 (or $5 if you know how/ want to do it yourself)
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about 70 bucks. lol i just tried a ton of ods side by side the other day including these 2 and the ts's sound pretty close. i was using them at 0 gain max level to tighten amp tone and they were really similar. the best pedal out of all the ones i tried was the way huge green rhino. check out my npd thread
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which one is a better booster for a high gain amp?
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