Hiya everyone,
I'm looking for a second guitar. I've had my starter electric for a while now, and it was great while I was getting the basics, but now it just doesn't cut it.
So, I was on the Ibanez site looking around and found the GART50FA. It's at my local guitar store for $350 AU.
It has an incredibly beautiful finish, either red or blue, but I'd go for red. Here's a link to it on the Ibanez sight.
I think it only came out in summer 2010, so that's probably why I can't find any reviews on it right now, but some advice would be great!
Thanks in advance,
Keep rockin'.
Yeah it's pretty cool. Really depends on what you want to do with it, and what you like playing/etc?

For example, I pretty much only play metal (newer, proggy kind of sh*t) and I fell in love with the Ibanez ARZ800 which is kind of a more metal version of the GART (the ARZ has 24 frets/emgs/etc). But when I actually picked it up and played it I didn't like it too much. Never been a fan of EMGs, and more to the point I've become accustomed to playing with large frets and the ART series guitars seem to all have medium frets (and probably a different neck profile than I'm used to). So I was put off buying it, as much as I still think it looks super cool.

Basically that was a round about way of saying: go to your guitar store, pick it up and play with it. See if you find it comfortable to play, pick up a few other guitars and play them too so you've got a good bias. Last time I was at a guitar store I played around 9 different guitars ranging from $500 through to $3000 and the one I was most impressed with was actually around $599 or something.

But yeah if you want more advice, post some other details. What do you play? What kind of sound do you want? What other gear have you got, etc?
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Thanks for the reply, helped a lot!
I play Rock, Alternative, Metal and punk. And basically anything from famous guitarists that sounds good :P. I have a crappy 10W amp that was incredibly cheap. It was only for starting out. I'll probably get a good amp before I get another guitar. I'm used to medium frets, so sounds comfortable enough. I'll make sure to go to the shop and try it out.
Thanks again, and I'm still open to any other replies.
Get a roland cube. Fantastic cheap amp.
I've got an ENGL powerball half stack and I still love playing my cube just as much. (Mostly cause I crank the powerball much)
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Thanks, I'll look it up cOne more question, are the ART's heavy? Cause I love to play standing up, and I don't wanna get back ache. I've heard LPs are heavy and since this is LP shape, I'm thinking it probably is. Can't go check at the store right now as I'm on a holiday. Thanks again!
The Ibanez LPs are thinner than Gibson ones so they weigh less. Does mean they sound different too of course. Same goes for their necks. Thinner, weight less, brighter tone. If you want the Les Paul sound then you won't get it from an Ibanez copy other than those old lawsuit ones. If you just want the shape but a more modern sound and a lighter feel then the Ibanez will do you fine.
Thanks a lot! Sounds like a good guitar for me, but you can never really be sure of a guitar until you play it :P
All my questions are answered, thanks.