What are your favorite strings to use? I've been using the same strings since I started playing 8 years ago and I'm kind of sick of them now. I use D'Addario 10s (the XL nickel wounds). I want to find some different strings for my home made strat. What would you guys recommend for something that is easy to play and kind of bluesy? I don't really want to go above 10s.

dont go back to 9's.
Elixirs are good cause they last longer.
D'addario 10's are my current string of choice,
why are you sick of them?

strings i have had good experiences with. ( reliability, holding of tone, and price (bar Elixirs))
Ghs boomers

Bad experiences( usually early breaks, Longlevity e.t.c)

Ernie ball
I just want a change. I have the same strings on all my guitars so I want to try something new. Something slightly lighter
i play ghs boomers, almost religously lol switched from them to some fenders for a change, and went right back. i play 9-42, but i agree, sticking with 10's is probs best, especially if your going for a bluesy sound.
I think elixirs might be what you're looking for. Might be just my impression, but although they're the same gauge as other brands, they do feel somehow lighter. Also they last way longer w/o loss of tone (on regular strings i usually feel need to change after like 2-3 weeks, currently I change only when snap a string, which is like 2-3 months). On the other hand, some people really dislike the feel of them. they're kinda....weird. I can't describe it really ><
currently I use dunlops, I hope to get my hands on some electro harmonix soon

great strings that I've used:
Rotosound: I love the price, great tone, and somehow the feel different from the rest (in a good way)
Dean Markley is what I've used most of the time..

I recomend trying out the "blue steel" by dean..you will never want to go back

I had bad experiences with:
boomers.. they break alot
DR (coated red devils) are by far the worst because the broke in record times and couldn't strech proprerly.. I blame the packaging because I think they were stored for a long time.. (they are also pricier)
fenders.. I got mixed feelings, it's worth givin'em a shot
Opus Pocus =]