Let's take a 3 string arpeggio.........
I play it like this...

D - Downstroke
U - Upstroke
p - Pull-Off

G|---14(D)----------------------------14(D)------------------------------| Continued......

How do you sweep this? Cause I saw a video that says you gotta play the bolded note with a Upstroke. I always played sweeping like the way I mentioned above (in the tab). Am I sweeping wrong? Or is the video wrong?

Here is the video btw..

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If you play the note, you're doing it right; the only wrong way to play it is if you can't play it or if you can't play what comes afterwards. I'd use an upstroke on that because it's more comfortable for me. If you want to use a downstroke because it's more comfortable for you, then go for it.
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Thanks guys! I was worried there for a second.
I use an upstroke when it comes to 4,5 or 6 string sweeps though.

Thanks For Your Help,
I personally prefer doing it with a downpick. It just feels more secure to me.
you pick up on the last string then back up it creates a more speedy movement here a good song for sweep picking "yngwie malmsteen's leviathan.
Learn both ways. Personally i'd prefer to play that note with an up stroke.
standard A minor root position arpeggio, i pick it with an upstroke though.

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How I approach it, is I don't pick both notes on the high E. I just hammer and pull that off, on that bold note, I just still up pick it, and then go to the next and go down. Try that, if its comfortable of coarse. It just puts economy in it and makes it sound just a little more smooth and liquidy to me, I'm not much of a lets pick everything kinda player, I like to get away with picking as little as possible
I tend to prefer a downstroke on the G string when I do three string sweeps. It just feels more natural unless I'm going to extend the arpeggio to a lower string. However, that's just preference.
I dont wanna start a new sweep picking thread so i'll ask my question here:

when sweeping should i do the sweep motion from the wrist or from the elbow? for example: i use my wrist to alternate pick

I've seen people do it both ways
wrist for me. Its an extension of my normal picking technique, i don't think i alter my hand much at all.
I'm glad I found this thread tonight... I was right about to ask a similar question. Sounds like it's a matter of preference. Good
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Imho, sweeping any more than 3 strings should come from the elbow. It's one relaxed push in either direction, the wrist stays neutral throughout.

100% agree. Just went and paid attention to my technique when sweeping more than 3 strings, and i do make the movement from my elbow. I'm backing away from my earlier comment