So about a month ago I bought the Wilkinson 400 VSVP (http://www.whamster.com/viewProduct.php?ID=188). It features 5+1 knife edge action and is supposed to be really stable. Now, what my problem is that I went on a vacation just after I threw the tremolo on my american special strat, I just screwed it down, didnt put strings on or anything to try it out. Stupid as I was, I didn't read the instructions. Now when I'm back and I've set the guitar up, it doesnt stay in tune as well as I had hoped. The guitar also has locking tuners and an lsr roller nut, so it should stay in tune quite good.

So what I'm thinking is, because of the 5+1 thingy, am I supposed to screw the bridge down a certain way? Right now it's screwed down exactly the same way as a vintage tremolo, all screws down the same amount, with the bridge flush on the body.

I really need some help, anyone ?
Comeon, someone has to know. Also, the string angle at the headstock isn't very steep, it's quite straight. Would it stay in tune better if I increased the string angle a little? Since it's a roller nut I thought that it would work fine with a more straight string angle, but maybe it just makes it more instable?
Well, first thing you could do is read the installation instructions to see if you did anything wrong.
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lol i forgot to mention that i cant find the instructions. i went away for weeks after i just rapidly put it on the guitar, which i regret. and now when im back home, i cant find the instructions
As of now, I just want to find out what the problem is. It might not be the bridge at all, it might be the roller nut(which is new). The strings that go out of tune are generally the wound ones.